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If you are looking for Pick n Mix Sweet Displays to purchase or hire then Sweetbox UK can provide for all your needs.

We offer –
• a complete range of Pick and Mix stands in various sizes
• a wide variety of wholesale pick n mix sweets
• all those vital Extras which assist when presenting your Pick and Mix sweet display
• a professional Pick n Mix Stand hire service which we match exactly to your specific needs.

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Our 20 bin Pick n Mix Display Unit
It comes complete with 20 compartments, lids, 4 scoops, 2 tongs and free delivery. It is also easily transportable for external event purposes.

Width – 1.0m
Depth – .45m
Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.


The best value Pick n Mix Unit in the UK

Buy online now


Buy online now

Pick n Mix 50 Bin Sweet Stand
50 bin display unit ( without sweets ) complete with a double sided Sweetbox headboard, bins,lids, 10 aluminium scoops, 6 sets of tongs and free delivery.
It is easily assembled in a few minutes and can fitted within the smallest of cars should you so wish.

Sweetbox UK

The method of merchandising our units is quite unique and our own team service our convenience store clients throughout London and the South East. Our website aims to provide information on our services, offer the opportunity to Buy on Line and give you contact information so that if you have questions to ask there is always someone here to answer them.

So please click “Shop on Line” and see what we can tempt you with, including our large range of Pick and Mix wholesale sweets.We can offer our Pick and Mix stands in a range of sizes to suit particular customer needs. If you have a space for a Pick and Mix stand we are sure we can make one to suit, just drop us an email.

Every Pick and Mix stand we sell comes complete with all you need to retail pick and mix confectionery.

See our FAQs page for further information

We can be contacted on our contact page or call Peter directly on – 07989925807 / e mail info@sweetboxukuk.com


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