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If you are looking for Pick n Mix Sweet Displays to purchase or hire then Sweetbox UK can provide for all your needs.

We offer –
• a complete range of Pick and Mix stands in various sizes
• a wide variety of wholesale pick n mix sweets
• all those vital Extras which assist when presenting your Pick and Mix sweet display
• a professional Pick n Mix Stand hire service which we match exactly to your specific needs.

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Our 20 bin Pick n Mix Display Unit
It comes complete with 20 compartments, lids, 4 scoops, 2 tongs and free delivery. It is also easily transportable for external event purposes.


Width – 1.0m
Depth – .45m
Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.


The best value Pick n Mix Unit in the UK

Buy online now


Buy online now

Pick n Mix 50 Bin Sweet Stand
50 bin display unit ( without sweets ) complete with a double sided Sweetbox headboard, bins,lids, 10 aluminium scoops, 6 sets of tongs and free delivery.
It is easily assembled in a few minutes and can fitted within the smallest of cars should you so wish.

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