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  • Stand purchase Specifications

    Q/What size are the sweet bins and how many sweets do they hold? 
    A/They are 190mm w, 150mm deep and 290 mm long – and hold up to 3kgs of sweets.They also can be bought separately ( but they only work in a Sweetbox UK stand)

    Q/ What sizes are your display units ? 
    A/ They are mostly 1m wide, .45 m deep and 1.3m high ( 20 bin stand) and 1.7m (25 bin stand) We do also have a smaller 15 bin display unit which .6m w , .45 m deep and 1.7m high. The 40 & 50 bin displays are both 1m wide , .9m deep and either 1.3m or 1.7m high

    Q/ Do they have clear display lids and can I buy replacements. 
    A/ Yes and yes. All our stands come with clear acrylic lids and can be bought separately should the need arise . See the link here – https://www.sweetboxuk.com/product/replacement-acrylic-sweetbox-lids/ Plus should you wish to store / transport the bins away from the display itself, we have lids that will allow the bins to be sealed and stacked on top of one another ( useful for event purposes) See this link – https://www.sweetboxuk.com/product/black-sweetbox-lids-for-storage/

    Q/Do the stands need to be assembled and how easy is it ? 
    A/ The stands are all delivered in component form, but are easy to put together in less than 5 minutes with only two screws ! They are not heavy and can be transported easily, even in a Mini.

    Q/ What does my stand package include ?
    A/All our packages include – the steel powder coated silver frame & shelves, bins & display lids, aluminium scoops. stainless steel tongs,Sweetbox UK Headboard, plastic shelf edging strip and free delivery in most instances. Importantly with Sweetbox UK you can order stands on their own or with our discounted sweet packages

    Q/ Can I fit the display bins/shelves to my existing display system ? 
    A/ Yes this is possible , we have developed a bar adaption that can be fitted onto customers existing uprights see the link here- on-shelf-system However given the variety of shelving systems it is best to call us first please prior to ordering.

  • Delivery & Payment

    Q/ How soon after placing my order will I receive it ?
    A/ We normally say circa 5 working days , longer if outside mainland UK and up to two weeks if personalised signage is specified.

    Q/ How can I pay ?
    A/ You can pay with a credit / debit card , Paypal or BACs . We do not however accept payments over the phone.


    Q/ Can I get the stand with our name on it ?
    A/ We do this often and it makes for a really professional extra touch . We offer this for the headboard & shelf strips at £75 and to the side panels as well, for a total of £125 . See the links below –

  • Selling Pick n Mix

    We get a lot of questions in this area and we are more than happy to give free guidance . So if you need some specific answers call us or drop us an e mail. However in the main two questions come up frequently –

    Q/ What should I sell the sweets for ?
    A/ This is a very good question and will depend very much on how much local competition you have. Tesco are more like Woolworths once were with them setting the bench mark at 75p per 100 gms and cups at at £2 and £3. However many outlets sell for considerably more and we suggest £.75 – £1.00 per 100 gms. With our vat inclusive cost per 100 gms being at in the main £.38 there is considerable scope for a good margin to be achieved even at 75p per 100 gms ( the same as Tesco !)

    Q/ Do I sell by weight or by cup ?
    A/ We suggest both but if you wish to avoid the need to weigh ( have no scales/ speed up the sale/reduce price resistence) then just offering a number of sizes of cups is a good alternative. Most suitable cups come in the following sizes 100ml/100gms. 200ml/200 gms and 400ml/400 gms. However their effective fill weight is circa 75-80% of this, as unless you fill the cup exclusively with jelly beans that can fill the space comprehensively most people will put a variety of odd shapes sweets which will not allow the theoretical fill to be achieved. However this is a guide and if you make a random choice from your sweets and fill the cups to be used you can see what the typical weights can be.

  • Pick n Mix Hire

    Q/ How long can I hire a unit for ?
    A/We do not have a limit to our hire , but it is designed for short term promotional/event purposes purposes. For longer periods a stand purchase would be an economic alternative.

    Q/ Can I hire a stand without sweets ?
    A/ We get varied requests for our displays to be used for such things as – nail polish promotion, ornamental stone products , vapour flavours even dog treats. So yes we are happy to help with whatever you wish to display and please surprise us with your proposals ! If you need it for sweets we would prefer them to be ours and if your specific sweets are not listed we can provide them.

    Q/ Can I hire a display outside the UK ?
    A/ No problem we do it all the time.

  • Anything Else?

    If you have not found your query answered do please ask here or call Sweetbox UK on 07989925807