Pick n Mix 50 Bin Sweet Stand £675


A great way to display 50 varieties of sweets to more customers and in the most economic way.


Here you can purchase a 50 bin  display unit ( without sweets ) complete with a double sided Sweetbox headboard, bins,lids, 10 aluminium scoops, 6 sets of tongs  and free delivery.

This is ideal for a multitude of uses and can be a single/double sided unit with the use of the extension feet.

It is easily assembled in a few minutes and can fitted within the smallest of cars should you so wish.

This is a well built heavy duty powder coated display unit that will last and last. Low cost replacement bins

and lids can be purchased in the unlikely event they are required.

If you have a need to transport the display to events you can purchase storage lids for the bins so that the sweets can be stacked and stored safely and freshly.

We can personalise the unit too so you can reflect your own company identity . This can be done economically and quickly,just ask us to quote.

Please allow 5-6 working days for delivery and a few extra days if  personal graphics are required.